Sometimes, all you have to do is ask for it!

Hardly a month when the college was to get over and I had no idea what I was going to do. For that moment, nothing looked right. All these 3 years of work experience I had gained along with academics and the people I networked with in Delhi seemed a waste. People around me were reaching IIM’s, IIT’s and other best institutes and I was stuck contemplating about whether I have taken a right decision of not going for a master’s degree right after the college. The rest were taking up jobs and I was stuck with the image of my dream company. Nothing seemed to fit even close to it.

I was calling random people in my contact list everyday acknowledging that I need help, asking to get me in contact to the right people. I actually did that. I had sleepless nights figuring out what I want to do. In that moment of time, I even thought of taking the ‘so-not-me-jobs’ because it was the period of so-called recession. With that, the feeling of college getting over started haunting me. It was the last week when exams were to end. Yes, I was freaking out.

Believe me when I say, just the fact of acknowledging that I need help helped. One day, one connection opened all the doors for me. He made me realize that sometimes, all we have to do is ask for it. We started figuring out the companies I wanted to work with. I started walking in the offices of those companies asking for letting me meet a key person so that we can discuss what I can create for them. Most of them didn’t even let me in the office.

And then, a little push and I was in the office of one of my dream companies. He managed to fix an interview for me but I was told that there is no vacancy. In that very moment, I had a choice to lose all hope but I was sure that I was not letting it go, a single chance to work with my dream company. I asked them to let me in the team because I want to work with them. I asked them to let me in the team and created the areas where I can contribute. I asked them to let me in because it is my dream company. I was sure this can turn around my life. Having said that, I was reassured that there was no vacancy and all they can do is try. All that I had in my hand then was to continue believing, and I did the same.

It was the last day of college. We were happy because we graduated, at the same time, we were sad for not being able to be around each other all day. Midst the rejoicing of the three best years of our lives, I got a call. Seeing the name of the person, my heart started pounding. It was from the office. All kinds of thoughts and emotions started rushing. I almost had an adrenaline rush. Gathering all the courage, I picked up the phone. I clearly remember his words, “Good news Archit. We have created a space for you in the organization. Join us from next Monday.”

It was liberating. It was magical. It seemed like all the wait was worth it because I am going to work in my dream company. I am going to do what I love doing. I am doing to be around people I always wanted to be. I was happy. Yes, sometimes all you have to do is keep believing in your dreams and take necessary actions. The moment you start to lose all hope, a little hope then can turn the life around. After all, all we have to do is ask for it, and the rest follows! 😀


Thank you, 2012


Thank you, Year 2012, that you came in my life at the right time. You were a year which really showed me that efforts are worth everything and even when everything looks hazy, things that are meant to be shall find a way.

Final year of college and the year unfolded for me the college days I have dreamed about. Had late night studies just before the exam day, left the syllabus incomplete and still stayed cool (and still managed to score good enough!), hanged around the campus with friends almost every day, watched movies before the exams, paid the fines,  the night walks and the discussions, long hour concalls, car drives, nightouts, late night parties, the first love. The holi celebration in the campus and the department trip to Shivpuri were some of the best days of the year. 2013, please be ‘awesome-er’!

Putting myself to learn new things made me happier. I learnt to drive a car, cooked more often, love for painting came back to my life, read more books (even tried a new genre of them and loved it), sang more often, started blogging, enjoyed photography,  travelled more than ever and worked on my CV. After many years of efforts, I even joined yoga classes and for change, liked exercising.

2012 excited me with the pleasure of independence. Worked with various organizations, learnt to create a team, realized the fun in working for what I really like doing, earned the first salary, created the alumni of my own school and realized the fun in creating something that I always wanted, the hardships of a start-up, but trust me, the efforts were worth it! Prepared for interviews, gave interviews, group discussions, looked for job, identified the weak areas, started working on them already. And after all that, even if nothing looks clear and strong, what I am sure about is, everything will be clear soon. For dots can never be connected looking in future, we can always connect the dots looking at what we have grown from and I’ll have a bigger picture, soon! Fun is always in the unexpected.

I didn’t come to Hansraj College, I came to Delhi. The city had a lot to give. Although I still have a lot to take from it, 2012 was a year of exploring Delhi. Organizations like Landmark Education, Toastmasters club gave me people I like to be around. I explored new places, loved hauz khas village, appreciated the rich Indian culture in Delhi like never before, tasted the authentic Delhi food and met varied people.

2012 was a year of strengthened relationships, crazy-random college life, new interests, independence, exploration, learning to let go, trust in self, and love for life. 2012 also gave me a parting thought, which says ‘Sometimes, it’s good to let go things so that better things can come to life and what is meant to be shall find a way.’  I am excited to create 2013.

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